Secured Trust Deeds may be the Answer

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Traditional Investments Fall Short

• The stock market remains volatile
• The bond market is exposed to interest rate risk
• Banks are paying little on deposits

Trust Deeds Provide Secured, High Monthly Income

• Bank financing can be difficult to obtain, creating private loan demand
• Stable real estate values can create safety in the collateral
• Lower loan-to-value (LTV) ratios provide a higher level of protective equity

Bridge Loan Financial is Dedicated to Providing Secured Investment Solutions to our Lender Partners

There has never been a better time to receive high current income through well underwritten trust deed investments. Private short-term loans on well-positioned real estate with substantial protective equity can offer higher yields and compelling investment returns with a low correlation to stocks and bonds.

Trust deed investing can be an attractive alternative for individuals and institutions seeking to augment or replace traditional asset classes and income sources. Private mortgage borrowers generally pay a higher interest rate than they would at a bank, which in turn can provide trust deed investors with higher yields than bank deposits.

Bridge Loan Financial offers mortgage investments directly to individual and institutional investors, and through fee-only financial advisors.

Helping You Build Your Business

Financial advisors, attorneys, and CPAs seeking secured income solutions for their clients should consider the alternative investment solutions offered by Bridge Loan Financial.

Individual Investor

couple-on-benchIndividual investors seeking stable cash flow or an investment that may offer more predictable returns than volatile stock and bond markets, may want to consider an opportunity with Bridge Loan Financial. Secured real estate lending may make sense for retirees seeking to increase their regular income distributions as well as long-term investors looking to balance their portfolio with an income stream generated by trust deed investments with the potential to yield 8% or higher.

Institutional Investor

capable-teamReal estate and other alternative asset classes comprise a significant portion of many institutional portfolios. The investment objective of Bridge Loan Financial is to deliver above average risk-adjusted returns with a low correlation to other asset classes.


Financial Advisor

distinguished-gentlemanBridge Loan Financial seeks partnerships with fee-only financial advisors considering alternative investment solutions for their clients. At a time of heightened stock market volatility and a bond market exposed to historic interest rate risk, financial advisors are challenged to find stable income sources that can provide diversification to a portfolio of traditional asset classes. Well-positioned real estate with a high level of protective equity can offer above-average income with a low correlation to stocks and bonds.

Proper portfolio structure requires a comprehensive understanding of each investor’s risk tolerance, investment objectives, tax position, income and liquidity needs. Financial advisors with this understanding are best suited to make recommendations that will best serve their clients.



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