Investor Testimonials

We Serve Ourselves Best by Serving Others First

As a solution driven organization, we are building our business one relationship at a time. In the process, we are establishing a reputation based on helping clients succeed. Provided below are some recent examples of what our clients have been saying about Bridge Loan Financial.

“My Trust Deed investments with Bridge loan Financial over the last 5 years have offered a superb combination of 8-12.5% yields, predictable cash flow and no principal risk. Eric Hart and Bridge loan Financial set the gold standard for experience, high quality and thorough compliance resulting in complete trust and confidence.”

-Carl Melillo, Investor

“As an active commercial real estate sales and loan broker who has closed over one billion in transactions, I am very pleased to be an investor with Bridge loan Financial. The Bridge team’s level of due diligence, underwriting and execution rival that of any institutional lender I have dealt with in my career”
-Nick Brighton, Investor

“I have done business with Eric Hart and his organization for the past 4 years. They are far and away the best in their business. The quality of the Trust Deeds are far superior to any others. They did all of the necessary due diligence so when it was presented to me, I knew exactly what I was getting. Anytime there was a question or issue, they were right on top of it. Eric and his group are the best of the best. I highly recommend them.”

-Cary, Real Estate Developer and Business Owner

“I have always been impressed by the quality of the underwriting produced by the team at Bridge Loan Financial. They are presenting good deals, but they are also carefully researched and meticulously documented deals. I know I will get a good return if all goes as planned, but I also know we are well positioned and protected if there is a default.”

-Thomas R. Denison, Investor

“The blend of institutional quality due diligence and reporting combined with personalized client service and support has made this a fantastic investment. A truly outstanding company!!!”
-Michael D Henton, Investor

“Making my living in real estate, I might be more critical of an investment and it’s processing. Bridge Loan’s packaging, underwriting, servicing and communication
are all topnotch and professional. All the loans we have invested in have been
excellent performers.”
-Ed Meserve, Investor

“In today’s turbulent market it is difficult to find an investment that offers a return above 2% that is not risky. Bridge Loan Financial has done just that, by providing short term, first-position trust deed investments, at low LTV’s.”
-Bradford Kuish, Investor

“9% return on a low Loan-to-Value T.D. Our statements come each month, our income checks are deposited directly to our bank account, and we can watch our money on-line with just a few clicks. I really like that a large and reputable third-party firm is handling of our investment reporting.”
– Robert Hart, Investor

“I started investing my money with Eric Hart of Bridge Loan Financial a couple of years ago as the result of a recommendation from an existing investor of Eric’s. At the time, I was looking for a way to further diversify my investment portfolio and real estate lending fit nicely. Not only is Bridge Loan’s due diligence process superior in its class, the firm summarizes that information for its investors in an organized fashion, providing a level of comfort that I know I needed to see when starting a new investor relationship. Expected returns have been right on the mark.”
-Albert C. Clerc, Investor

“Trust Deeds with Bridge loan Financial has been one of the best investments I have made. I enjoy working with the team and have been extremely happy with their professionalism and financial transparency.”
-Octavio Valdivia, Investor

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with you and your company Bridge Loan Financial. We have now completed several loans for my portfolio and all have gone so smooth. Your attention to detail, making certain everything makes sense, and not taking any shortcuts allows me to sleep well and never worry about any of my investments with you. I have recommended you to my friends and family knowing you will take good care of them and their money. I look forward to many more years of doing business with you!”
-Steven B. Anenberg, Investor

“I consider myself a fairly savvy investor having done much trading and investing on my own. Upon meeting Eric Hart, I liked his approach and my wife, who is far more risk adverse than I, felt comfortable as well. We decided to make an initial investment. Subsequently seven of our investments with him have gone full term and three remain active today. Happily, all have met or exceeded our expectations. Eric’s competence and professionalism show themselves in his attention to detail and careful screening of potential investments. Every offer ensures all legal protections are in place. My wife and I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Bridge Loan Financial. During the course of our business relationship, Eric has also become a friend and I have introduced him to my other friends looking for similar investments.”
-Peter and Nina Dabbieri, Investor

“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Bridge Loan Financial & Mr. Eric Hart, president of the company. We have had eight or more investor loans with Mr. Hart and his company. All of the loans have gone according to plan and all aspects of the loans went just as Mr. Hart suggested they would. All interests were paid and there were no foreclosures! Bridge Loan Financial conducts such a thorough investigation of each borrower and its property; it takes the guesswork out of the equation for the investor. I highly recommend Bridge loan and Eric Hart, its owner, to all capable parties.”
-John D. Morrison, Business Entrepreneur

“I have been very pleased with my investments. Not only have the financial results been excellent but the professionalism of all parties I have worked with and the overall service provided to me throughout the entire investment life cycle has been fantastic.

I am very impressed with the ease of use and robust reporting I receive on my investments with Bridge Loan Financial. I can easily track current information on-line 24/7 on each investment as well as my overall portfolio.”
-Nick Sippl, Investor

“Bridge Loan Financial has been a home run for us. Staff has been extremely professional and proficient and investments have consistently come through 100%. We will continue to invest our finances with this group and would highly recommend them to other investors.”
-Linda Sippl, Investor