Meet Bridge Loan Financial

What We Do Best

Bridge Loan Financial, Inc. is a private mortgage lender with the financial resources to fund loans up to $10 million on residential and commercial properties throughout California. As a direct portfolio lender, we have the capability to close loans fast without the stringent credit requirements of commercial banks. We know how to resolve the issues and get the deal closed on time. It is our experience, reliability and speed that set Bridge Loan Financial apart.

We work closely with borrowers seeking to purchase or access the capital locked within their real estate and investors seeking attractive current yields secured by those very same assets.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our Investment Philosophy

Obtaining the most marketable, highest quality collateral is the key to building a successful loan portfolio. Bridge Loan Financial seeks to originate carefully underwritten first-position loans backed by real estate with the highest protective equity. We never deviate from our conservative loan-to-value (LTV) ratio standards. We believe that focusing on protecting the downside gives our investors peace of mind and allows the upside to take care of itself.

Bridge Loan Financial has the flexibility to research, evaluate and secure attractive private loan opportunities and offer high current yields that traditional banks cannot. And our exhaustive due diligence process helps ensure we only underwrite mortgage loan investments with the strongest capital protection.


We have the funds available
to close your loan fast at rates
lower than our competitors.